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Are you ready to deliver more apprenticeships?

Many providers and colleges are looking to deliver more apprenticeships. This stems from both government policy and a decline in other types of work-based learning.

To maximise funding and remain competitive, providers and colleges will need to review their apprenticeship offer, identify areas for improvement and implement changes effectively.

The apprentice agency can help you by providing:

  • a full apprenticeship audit
    We'll test your provision against the current Common Inspection Framework and projected future demand, producing a detailed report with key recommendations.
  • a data audit
    We'll identify any gaps in your data and help you review your data collection, management and reporting processes. This will ensure your data meets current requirements and is protected against known auditing triggers.
  • reporting guidance
    We'll provide essential training on how to complete your reports, helping you avoid common pitfalls that can result in a loss of funding.
  • a work-based learning health check
    We'll guide you through an analysis of your provision, with expert advice to help you identify areas for improvement. And we'll help you put plans in place to consistently achieve the standards that learners and employers expect.

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Hair Styllist Apprentice

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