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Are you ready to deliver more apprenticeships?

The coalition government has made a commitment to providing more apprenticeship places in England. They are looking to local authorities to play their part, by increasing enrolments and meeting targets. The apprentice agency can provide you with the support and guidance you need.

Our bespoke consultancy services include:

  • interim staff
    If you have temporary issues around staff capacity and/or skills to meet increased demand for apprenticeship provision, we can fill the gap with highly experienced interim managers.
  • research into local learner requirements
    We can help you interpret your existing data, or carry out a full analysis of demand in the local area. This will empower you to forecast future requirements and develop your strategy.
  • project management
    We can help you plan your apprenticeships project, oversee and deliver the project on your behalf, or provide support to your staff on an ongoing basis.

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