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Step 4. Next steps

So you’ve visited a few employers – what do you do now? That depends on the response you got from them...

If they said ‘yes’

Congratulations! You have found a company (or maybe even more than one) that would be interested in taking you on as an apprentice.

To get your apprenticeship programme up and running you need to pass the details of the company on to us – we’ll contact them to check they understand everything that’s involved with employing an apprentice and find a local college for you to do your qualification with.

Complete this form to pass the information on to us. We’ll get in touch regularly to let you know how things are progressing.

If you found more than one employer who is interested in taking on an apprentice you’ll need to complete the form for each one – we’ll advertise them for other apprentices to apply for and give you a £25 iTunes, Google Play or Amazon gift card for each vacancy we fill.

The employer may want you to start working for them as soon as possible. This could be a trial period so they can see how you perform in the workplace. This isn’t a problem - you don’t have to wait for us to contact the employer to start working for them.

If all you heard was ‘no’

Don’t despair, it’s not the end of the world! Hopefully you’ve picked up some useful information along the way. Go back to your original research and take a look at what other businesses you could target – expand the area you are looking at or think about targeting a wider range of companies.

Be creative – if you want to get an apprenticeship as a chef don’t just target restaurants – try hotels, care homes and catering companies.

If you have visited all the companies that you think may be able to offer you an apprenticeship then take a break. Keep your research somewhere safe and go back to it in a few months time and start the process again.

Things change quickly in business. If a company gets a flurry of new customers they may need more staff – the perfect time to take on an apprentice.


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