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Step 3. Go for it!

It’s time to go and talk to some employers! You’ve got your CV and you’ve taken the time to find out some information about apprenticeships so you’re all ready to go...

Pick your time

If you are going to drop in on a hairdresser or butcher they are likely to be busiest on a Friday or Saturday. They will have more time to talk to you if you visit them on a Monday or Tuesday.

Office based companies will normally be closed at the weekend. Even where a company is open 24 hours (for example, a gym) it’s unlikely that the member of staff you would need to talk to will be there in the early hours of the morning!

Get to the point

The people you are going to see will be busy, so be clear about why you are there and what you want...

Hello I’m interested in working as a ________________ and wondered if you had ever thought about taking on an apprentice because I’m looking for an apprenticeship and would like to work for a company like yours.

Expect questions – don’t be surprised if the employer asks you questions – they will want to know more about you and may have questions about apprenticeships.

The National Careers Service has lots of information on the kinds of questions an employer may ask and advice on how to answer them.

Our factsheet answers most of the questions an employer will have about apprenticeships - give them a copy to read for themselves or ask them to give us a call on 0114 3497146.

Look the part

You need to create a good impression when you walk through the door so dress smartly, make sure your clothes are clean and so are you!

Be polite

Some employers may just say they are not interested. If this happens say thank you and move on to the next company on your list.

Leave your details

If the person you are talking to is genuinely busy then say “I can see you are really busy, here’s some information and a copy of my CV to look at when you have a bit more time”.

Get their details

If an employer is interested in recruiting an apprentice make sure you get a contact name, phone number and, if they have one, email address.

Step 4. Next Steps


Hair Styllist Apprentice

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Hair Styllist Apprentice

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