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Step 2. Plan and prepare

The next stage is to get ready to approach the companies on your list. You need to think about the most effective way to do this...

In person

It may seem daunting to walk into a shop or office and ask them if they would be interested in taking you on as an apprentice, but this can be the most effective way of making contact with a company.

By telephone

Most businesses get lots of calls every day so this approach is best if you know the name of the person at the company responsible for recruitment.

By post/email

This works best if you are contacting a large company. If you pop into a local shop the owner or manager will be able to talk to you there and then. If you go to a large company their HR or Recruitment Team may not be based in that building or the person you need to speak to could be in meetings or dealing with clients.

Once you have identified the best way to contact each company on your list you need to think about what information to take with you or to send them.

If you are going to visit an employer

We recommend you take a copy of your CV along with some information about apprenticeships and details of how the company can contact us if they want to recruit you!

If you are going to write to or email a company

We would suggest you write a covering letter explaining why you would like an apprenticeship with them and enclose a copy of your CV for them to review We've created a cover letter template and example letter to get you started.

If you are phoning a company

It’s a good idea to have a copy of your CV handy to prompt you and take a few minutes to find out about apprenticeships so you can answer any questions the employer may have.

If you need help creating or improving your CV the National Careers Service can help you.

We’ve created a factsheet you can download and print with answers to all the questions an employer might ask about apprenticeships – it’s got all our contact details on it too.

Step 3. Go for it!


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