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Why wait around for your perfect apprenticeship to be advertised? If you know the company you want to work for or the kind of apprenticeship you want to undertake then be proactive and find your own apprenticeship...

It’s not as daunting as it sounds.

We often speak to employers who have thought about taking on an apprentice but just haven’t had the time to do anything about it. So if you walk into their workplace and impress them there’s a very good chance you could be recruited on the spot!

Finding your own apprenticeship

Don’t believe us?

Dominic visited eight butchers shops in Sheffield to see if they would be interested in taking on an apprentice – one said yes and two others said ‘maybe’ – three vacancies in just a couple of hours!

We’ve put together all the information you need to find your own apprenticeship and when you do we’ll work with the employer to get your programme started as soon as possible.

Plus, if like Dominic, you find extra vacancies we’ll advertise them for other apprentices to apply for and give you a £25 iTunes, Google Play or Amazon gift card for each vacancy we fill.

Take a look at each step below to get our top tips and resources.

Good luck! – let us know how you get on via Facebook or Twitter.

Do your research

Plan and prepare

Go for it!

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Trainee/Apprentice in Collections & Housing Benefits Service

Civic Centre Station Road Harrow
This is a 1 – 2 year training programme. During which time trainees will work in the specified are...
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Apprentice Pharmacy Dispenser

Thurmaston, Leicester
This vacancy will provide you with the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience to becom...
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Advanced Manufacturing Engineering - Sheffield Hallam University

This apprenticeship programme utilises a variety of Foundation Degrees to address the needs of vario...
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Find your own apprenticeship

Don't wait for your perfect apprenticeship to be advertised.

Follow our step-by-step guide to contacting employers directly and you could be their new recruit!

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